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Brothers who love comedy. We make videos.

Two brothers with two sets of eyes that pierce like the eyes of mammoth jungle cats. Both with builds that make Chuck Norris fearful. Their undeniable charm, wit, and intelligence are just icing on the cake, but all seriousness aside...

It all started one day while Jesse and Mike were taking a leisurely walk enjoying the the great outdoors when the walk sparked an idea between the two. An idea that brought forth the decision to put pen to paper. The result, a script for a short film that they would film

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and star in. After having their film featured in a film festival, Jesse and Mike wanted to continue making comedy, so they began making their comedy skits where they are placed in the most ridiculous situations that two brothers could ever find themselves in, and you never know what's going to happen next.

Continue browsing our web site, check out some of our comedy skits, and let us know what you think.